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Coordinating the Audio requirements of a Wedding can be quite stressful, as the "parts" of the wedding day often spread into different areas of your venue, or can sometimes be in different locations altogether! That is why WDJ Marbella have perfected our complete Wedding Audio and DJ packages, to include the perfect audio for all parts of your Wedding day, along with Dj entertainment to finish the day off with! Everything is done in a professional manner, requiring no worry or technical knowledge on your part! Services available throughout the Costa del Sol, at Villa's, hotels and other venues.

The typical wedding goes like this...

  • Ceremony - Usually conducted somewhere nice and in Spain, often outside in a Garden, on the beach or sometimes in chapel or church. If you have more that 25 people, you will almost certainly need some amplification and may also want some of your favourite music played!
  • Cocktail Hour - Often held in a different location to the ceremony and dining, it is best complimented with some soft background music, played through high quality audio equipment. We take care of all that for you, so there is nothing to do but enjoy the day!
  • The Dinner - Often followed by Speeches which may require one or two wireless microphones. This is also complimented with some soft music of your choice throughout the dinner period.
  • The Evening Party - You will have an area designated for dancing and the Dj to play, this is best with a professional PA audio system and high quality lighting for the perfect ambience! Ensuring a tidy and visually appealing set up is also vitally important too!
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The Solutions -

There is D.I.Y or do it the professional way!

1. Hiring an audio system and moving it around yourselves, also requiring some technical knowledge. Trouble is, you may need big speakers for the party and they may be too large for the other parts of the day! So you may need to hire 2 systems, a smaller one and a larger one, they still may need moving around though! You also need to consider who will operate the audio and mics etc, is this something you really want to be doing on your wedding day?!!

2. You could use the Venue's own audio equipment, if they have it and hope they do not have technical difficulties on the day, or that Paco cannot find that microphone! Notouriously Spanish venues are pretty bad when it comes to the equipment they have to offer, even 5 star hotels are often likely to have 1 star gear!  You need reliable, modern audio for your wedding day, make no mistake!

3. Best option: WDJ Marbella Wedding Audio Pack!

Everything you need, taken care of for you, with customised music for all parts of the day!

Don't let us have to say "we told you so", but the best solution for a Wedding is a professional one!  Our professional Full Day packages include multiple PA Speaker systems throughout your venue, full control of the audio / music requirements throughout your Wedding day, professional wireless Microphones, high quality Lighting and of course, our incredible Dj entertainment services for your party!

We include up to 3 professional audio speaker systems, with suitable power for your number of guests, the venue size and for covering the various segments of your wedding day, as you move around your venue. This ensures a smooth flow to your wedding audio, throughout the day! WDJ Marbella have special, powerful yet compact audio systems that can blend into the background and even professional battery powered speakers, for music in locations with no power supply!  Wireless microphones are always included, ready for speeches and other announcements throughout your wedding day. 

  • Perfect Audio for any size wedding 20 to 1,000 Guests!
  • Multiple PA speaker systems to suit various segments of your day
  • Quality Audio for the party, with professional lighting
  • Plenty of extension leads for power and spare leads for everything!
  • MC Announcement services if required
  • Ability for other acts, singers etc to use my equipment
  • Personalised playlists constructed if required
  • Wireless and Wired Microphones available
  • Wedding Dj service for the party

If you want perfect audio throughout your Wedding day in southern Spain, plus a professional Wedding Dj service, then contact Wedding Dj Marbella (wdj marbella), with your requirements! Services are available throughout the Costa del Sol / Malaga / Marbella / Estepona. We play the music you want to hear and customise the entertainment to suit your taste, enjoy the leading wedding Dj service on the Costa!

Having a Band, singer or other wedding entertainment too?

Just let me know and we can help them out too!

Let's keep things bang Tidy! Instead of your acts bringing their own audio equipment and lighting, they can also plug into ours! This keeps the wedding day audio equipment tidy, as well as top quality! Maybe you are bringing some entertainment from abroad, where they may not have access to their equipment? WDJ Marbella can support the PA audio for bands too, if required and with enough notice, including back line, such as drums, guitar amps and monitors. Most entertainers are more that happy to use  our quiality audio equipment, as it's often better than theirs and sound quality really matters, trust us on that one!

Alternatively, if you are looking for entertainement ideas for during the day, or some live music to include with your wedding Dj, then why not consider one of our complete wedding entertainment packages! As a specialist in entertainment, we can bring together other acts and musicians into one package, visually appealing, with great sound, lighting and coordination!.. More Information click here

Wedding Dj Marbella - Much more than just Dj's!

Covering the Costa del Sol, Malaga province, Spain.
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"Mark was a great DJ at our wedding last weekend. The music and lighting was perfect for our audience. We also used microphones for our speeches and he supplied background music for us during the meal. Mark also went above and beyond to find me some sparklers which was much appreciated. Highly recommended!"
"Mark did a fantastic job at my son's wedding. Playing everything that made for a great party! Even a few 'strange' songs for the Bristolians! He also took care of the ceremony audio where my daughter also sang, the mics for the speeches and background music for dinner!"

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