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After booking information I may need and information you should know.

Thank you for booking your Wedding entertainment with DJ Mark Antony.

In order to offer you the best service and prepare your music, I would like to know a little more information about your musical tastes and preferences! Please take your time to answer the questions below and send the answers to us by email, (, at least 3 weeks before the wedding date, or sooner please, if you have a lot of requests! I just cannot guarantee to have things ready if you send it last minute! You will be amazed at some of the musical styles people get me to play at weddings, but it's all in the name of fun!

Main Party Wedding Dj services please answer the below.

I need the information to customise a set for you
  • Please let me know the full Names of Bride and Groom.
  • The First Dance, please List your First Dance/s.
  • Please list your "must plays", generally those songs that have meaning to you as a couple, or to your family friends and guests. Try to think of at least 10 songs that the Dj "must play"!
  • I would generally tend to keep a Wedding set varied, to cater for all ages and tastes, however, if you desire a particular genre of music as the main theme, please let me know. 
  • Please let me know if the Dj is able to take requests from the Guests, or if he should stick to the musical styles and choices you have made.
  • If there are any particular songs or artists that you DO NOT wish played at your wedding, please let me know about them too. I will try, within reason, to exclude those track's, however, if guest requests are allowed, then some unwanted tracks may slip through!
  • Please do not send spotify lists, its better for us in a text format

Those of you booking full Day Packages, just a few more questions for you.

Let's discuss the music for those other important parts to your day!

If you have booked a full wedding entertainment package, to include ceremony sound and background music for the duration of the day, please also answer the following with your preferences..

  • Background Music during seating of ceremony:
  • Processional and recessional tracks.
  • Background Music for Cocktail Hour
  • Background Music During Dinner
  • Announcements: Are there any special announcements that you would like our Dj to make? Please let me know in advance.

Some important Information and Conditions.

Please read, this is important for all clients. 

The Payment of your Dj services.

Don't make me play hunt the envelope!

Booking your Wedding Dj requires a booking deposit of 100 Euros (sometimes more where musicians or extras are added), for this payment we issue a PayPal invoice, which can also be paid via a credit card. Final payment must be made to the Dj in cash "on arrival" at the venue, or by bank transfer / Paypal, at least 5 days before the event. Please note, there is a 2.5% fee for Paypal and bank transfer methods, however this is wavered on the initial deposit transactions.  Our services are priced without the IVA (Taxes) and are liable to the 21% charge applicable in Spain. When we stress cash payments must be on arrival, they really must, as it is no fun trying to find the person with the envelope once everyone is merry at the end of the night!

Supplying media.

There is very good reason to have the media right!

If you wish to bring music with you for inclusion, this must be supplied to us on a USB memory stick, in MP3 format, or via CD (mp3 or Audio CD). We will not accept music stored on Iphones, Pads, or other formats, as this has caused issues in the past. We prefer to play all audio through our professionaly set up equipment, to ensure no interruption or technical difficulties during the show.

If the DJ must connect up a clients audio device / phone / Tablet, at any point, the owner of the device must be available to operate it at all times!

Your Wedding Dj will generally arrive 1 hour 15 minutes before he is due to play, to allow time for set up, he will also require approx 1 hour for removal and packing up time after the show. Please advise us if an early set up time is required, as it is always possible, but this may incur a surcharge in some cases.

Your Wedding DJ will come supplied with...

Basically everything needed for an amazing party!
  • Quality Sound System of a power rating that suits your venue and the number of guests attending.
  • Professional LED lighting and Lasers, for both colour wash / special effects.
  • A smoke machine, for use where permitted.
  • Both Wired and Wireless Microphones.
  • * For All Day packages, multiple audio solutions will be provided to cover the aspects of the day. Including high tech compact solutions for ceremonies, cocktail hour, dining and speeches.

Costa del Party approved Wedding Dj's such as myself: Should your booked Dj be unable to attend on the date booked, due to unforeseen circumstances, we will always try our utmost to provide you with a suitable alternative DJ. See more about my Dj partners and back up Dj's.. Click Here

  • Dj Mark Antony
  • Dj Samson
  • Dj Alex SkyFly
  • Dj Tristan 
  • Dj Scott

If you have booked our wedding entertainment package to include live entertainment too, then the chosen entertainers will contact you direct, for any information they may require, such as set lists, special requests etc. 

Access to the Venue!

Spain is notorious for venues on the mountain side!

Please inform us if your venue has difficult access, either for a vehicle, or properties with lots of steps and / or steep slopes to navigate! Our Dj may refuse to set up if he is expected to carry all his equipment up the side of a mountain! Yes we have seen it all, this is Spain! With a little pre warning, we can include an assistant for the DJ, or use a smaller set up. Yes you may offer to help, but then we are not insured if something goes wrong!

The Electricity to Power it up!

Let's make sure we have the power to rip up the dance floor!

Audio and lighting equipment for a DJ does require a reasonable power supply! Some properties in Spain may be lacking the ability to power too much gear, especially once you take into account, fridges, cooking appliances and other equipment that may require power at your event! We try to combat this by using only the latest high tech equipment and LED lighting, that is much lower on electrical power consumption. However some properties in Spain, especially in rural locations, may still have issues.  

Please let us know if there are concerns over the power supply of your venue, in some cases we can provide a generator, or alternative lower powered equipment. This can be an issue sometimes in Spain!

Noise Complaints.

Noise in Spain is regarded a pain, don't take risks!

It is up to you to check that your venue can support live entertainment and that any cut off times are adhered to. Refunds will not be given where the Dj has to stop early due to complaints or police attendance. You will also risk a large fine by the local Spanish authorities.

  • Email:
  • Tel: 0034 6624 38384
  • Web:

Abusive Guests. 

Oh! We have had our fair share!

Lots of guests, sunshine and alcohol can cause some people to change in personality, of course, it's great when that change is in the name of fun, but not so appealing when guests become abusive, rude or threatening. Bear in mind we are often the last ones to pack up after the wedding and sometimes that can put us in a risky situation. Rude, abusive, or dangerous behaviour will result in early pack up of the Dj system, or calling of the Police, as we have to think of damage to our expensive equipment, as well as our personal safety!   We are sure you understand! 

Wedding Dj Marbella - Dj Mark Antony.

Experience, not experiments!

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